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At Baird Television Associates we specialize in documentary, newsmagazine, sport, EPK and behind the scenes projects.

In 1994, factual programming shoots for the BBC and Channel 4 led us to purchase a PAL/625 Betacam camera, set up our sister company PALCAM Canada and begin to offer production services in that format.  Over the years we've expanded both our equipment list and our client base.


We’ve had the pleasure of working on dozens of BBC programs for Horizon, Panorama, Breakfast Television, Tomorrow’s World, Blue Peter, 999 Real Life Rescues, Rogue Traders, Jet Set, Open University etc.

We’ve also worked on projects for LWT, Granada, Thames TV and most of the European, Asian and Australian Networks.


As Western Canada’s most experienced PAL production providers we pride ourselves in offering our international clients full-service solutions to their PAL HD and PAL625 production needs here in Western Canada.

We offer Broadcast experienced crews - (BBC,Ch4, ARD & ZDF,ABC,CBS,CBC,CTV)
  • Camera/sound/lighting and grip teams
  • PAL HD and 625 equipment packages
  • Journalists, interviewers and "on camera" talent
  • Field producers, fixers and production assistants
  • Teleprompter operators, hair/makeup
  • Production people fluent in German, French, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Logistics, travel and accommodation
  • Satellite or FTP transmission

We also often put together multi-camera shoots and enjoy the challenges of programs requiring specialized equipment like aerial, POV and underwater projects.


We've found that documentary projects often require shooting in different parts of North America. Over the years we have developed a networking relationship with PAL equipped crew/service providers in other North American markets. We would be pleased to use our database to help you make arrangements to get a PAL equipped crew anywhere in North America.






Richard Bennett joins PALCAM


After 15 years servicing ABC, BBC, ITV and other U.S. and European networks and high end corporate clients as a freelancer based in London, England, Rick has returned to Vancouver and is available for similar projects from our Vancouver base.

His news and newsmagazine projects led to extensive travel filming world events including The Gulf War, the collapse of the Soviet Union, UN missions to Mogadishu and Darfur, conflicts in former Yugoslavia, Albania and Macedonia, the British handover of Hong Kong, the Pope’s visits to Bosnia and Cuba and filming ABC's exclusive interview with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

His travels have also included numerous documentary projects for ABC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. 

Click here to view  Rick’s CV.



 For more information please e-mail Douglas Baird or Richard Bennett in the  CONTACT US  section of this web site.


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